Retain old village charm of these spots in Singapore

Not too long ago, we had Changi Village.

The weekly pasar malams, the best roti john and the teh tarik in the lanes were the talk of the town.

But this old and rustic charm was taken away. Now, there are even plans to remove the nostalgic ferry point at Changi. What will they think of next?

Let us leave Little India as it is ("Little India needs sprucing up"; Dec 10), as long as it remains clean and does not breed mosquitoes.

A little "red" (from the old sirih) on the road does not matter. Keeping the variety going is what the old towns were all about; the "one stop spots" where not only the young but also the old and elderly can hang out and relate to.

Let us not take away nostalgia from the elderly.

Ajit Singh Nagpal