More proactive approach needed towards lift problems

It is not just older HDB blocks that have problematic lifts. Even lifts in blocks that are less than five years old can have issues ("Govt to ramp up lift inspections islandwide"; March 12).

I live at Block 308B, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. In March 2014, I gave feedback to the Ang Mo Kio Town Council that one of the lift doors would open by about 20mm and then close again with a loud bang whenever the lift reached the 28th storey.

I do not know whether a thorough check was done.

Two months later, in May, my daughter got trapped inside the lift.

In August, a day after the lift underwent monthly servicing, the lift door opened and closed more than four times at the 28th storey.

When I notified the town council again, the officer just forwarded my e-mail to the lift contractor to ask for a check. The town council did not ask the contractor what caused the problem.

In December last year, there was a heavy downpour and all three lifts in the block were down. When I contacted the HDB, I was told that maintenance was under the purview of the town council.

Last month, I was in the lift just above the 26th storey when there was a sudden jerk and the lift descended back to the 26th storey. I quickly got out.

This time, I contacted the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) but received the same reply that maintenance is under the town council.

I understand that lifts are maintained monthly by the lift contractor. However, can't a town council officer be present to ensure maintenance is done properly? Why did the town council wait for a resident to inquire before asking the contractor what caused the problems?

Also, I hope that the HDB and BCA can take such feedback more seriously and take steps to resolve the problems.

Ong Hwee Eng