More needs to be done to raise disability awareness

We thank Mr Bryan Chong (People with special needs don't deserve rudeness; July 25) and Ms Swee Bee Lan (Schoolchildren's attitude towards those with special needs worrying; July 30) for highlighting their experiences.

We share their disappointment that people with special needs are still being treated differently from others.

The SPD, an organisation that serves people with disabilities, and other disability-focused organisations have been working to raise disability awareness.

The Purple Parade, See the True Me and Breaking Barriers campaigns were some of these efforts.

Over the years, we have seen the development of barrier-free infrastructure and an accessible public transport network to enable people with disabilities to participate in all aspects of community living.

Hence, incidents like those shared by Mr Chong and Ms Swee sadden us.

But they also remind us that a lot more needs to be done, especially on the public education front. The vision of a truly inclusive society that embraces diverse abilities is a journey of a thousand miles, where each step we take counts.

Promoting understanding of disability is an important first step. As understanding grows along with more interaction with people of varying abilities, it would be easier to break down the social barriers among persons with and without disabilities.

Abhimanyau Pal

Executive Director


Correction note: This story has been edited for clarity.