Lift upgrading in Nee Soon a disappointment

Residents rejoiced when the Nee Soon Town Council announced lift-upgrading works for Blocks 104A and B.

This was followed by disappointment at the end of the works.

The significantly smaller lifts affect personal comfort and security, and posed a problem when it came to the delivery of bulky furniture and appliances, so delivery personnel had to use the stairs.

In contrast, the old lifts readily accommodated a queen-size mattress.

Residents have also expressed grave concerns over whether a wheelchair or stretcher with attendants would be able to fit into the new lifts in emergencies.

Moreover, the quality of finish is noticeably bad. There is a worrisome judder when the new lifts ascend and descend.

To date, the town council has not explained to residents why it downsized the lifts. Instead, it posted a notice on lift lobby walls to say that two round handrails will be replaced with flat ones.

Benjamin Tan Hock Beng