Install police cameras near HDB lift lobbies

The Singapore Police Force is on track to complete the installation of police cameras at 10,000 Housing Board blocks and multi-storey carparks this year and, more importantly, is considering installing more surveillance cameras in HDB estates and other public areas ("Plans to boost security, preparedness in crises"; Jan 19).

One area of concern is the benches and tables at the void decks, usually near the letter boxes, which are occupied by non-residents using their mobile phones.

If these are located near the lift lobbies, strangers or potential criminals can position themselves there and monitor the movements of residents taking the lifts, and even take pictures of the residents.

By installing cameras there, they will be discouraged from doing so, and residents will feel safer knowing they are not being spied on.

The police and the town council can jointly identify suitable locations for the installation of the cameras.

Gan Kok Tiong