Inconsistent enforcement action

In Sunday's report ("Goodbye to al fresco dining?"), the statement by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) that it has been "taking prompt enforcement actions" against food and beverage (F&B) operators who obstruct streets, footways and side roads with outdoor furniture greatly surprised me.

The report describes the LTA's concern that the blocked walkways would mean pedestrians might be forced to walk on roads, subjecting them to inconvenience and danger.

Geylang Road and Sims Avenue 2 are areas with such obstructions aplenty, and I have written to the Forum page about this ("Commercial outlets 'taking over' five-foot ways"; Jan 18, 2014), to which the LTA has replied ("LTA conducts regular checks for footway obstruction"; Jan 29, 2014).

Yet, the situation in Geylang remains unchanged, with many pedestrians having to walk on the road to bypass crowded walkways packed with merchandise or tables and chairs.

There seems to be inconsistency in enforcement action taken.

Amy Loh Chee Seen (Ms)