Disappointing experience using OneService app

Despite news of the improved OneService mobile app and portal (Giving feedback easier now on OneService app and portal; July 16), my experience in making a report through the app was unsatisfactory.

On July 12, I reported a malfunctioning tap and urinal in a male toilet at AMK Hub. The water was running non-stop.

On July 14, the Municipal Services Office (MSO) notified me that the case was closed, as the issue I raised was under the purview of SBS Transit. It suggested that I contact SBS Transit directly.

Why did the MSO pass the buck back to me instead of working with SBS Transit? How would this kind of behaviour encourage the public to use the OneService app?

The next day, I called the PUB hotline to inform it of the water wasted by the malfunctioning tap and urinal. It was only two days later that a PUB staff member informed me that SBS Transit had fixed the problem.

It took five days for this issue to be resolved.

This experience has certainly been a disappointing one.

Gan Hee Ann