Celebrate strength of human spirit amid adversity

The year end can be a time of celebration and a time of reflection.

We seem to be surrounded by adversity this year, with shock poll results, bomb attacks, humanitarian disasters and a recession looming.

The society we live in also seems a little less friendly. We see many videos of angry drivers, read about minor fracases online and complain about anything under the sun.

We may wonder what there is to celebrate.

However, Christmas is not about feasting and the giving or receiving of presents. It is about the hope that a baby's birth brought to a world racked with challenges and uncertainty.

History has shown us our ability to triumph in times of adversity.

Let us treasure our health, friendship and what we have done for our loved ones. Let us persevere and share with others when we are doing well.

There is still hope and there can be peace.

Peter Loon