Boost safety at work with protective gear

Safety consciousness is still lacking in the cleaning industry.

The death of a cleaner after being electrocuted while operating a high pressure water jet is a case in point ("Cleaner electrocuted: Court points to footwear lapse"; Nov 30).

Investigations revealed that the primary cause was a misassembled plug.

It was also suggested that the cleaner might have survived had he been wearing a pair of safety boots rather than being barefoot.

The Workplace Safety and Health Act applies to all industries, and all employers must be aware of their statutory obligations to their employees.

Most cleaners do not know their job hazards, so they cannot avoid them. Contractors have to play a vital role in minimising all potential hazards and implementing solutions to control the risks.

One obvious solution is to wear appropriate personal protective gear, including suitable eye protection, safety gloves and non-slip waterproof shoes.

Licensed electrical workers should be engaged to check for electrical problems if any equipment malfunctions.

This is the best way to avoid accidents and injuries.

Loong Chik Tong