Bangkok, Jakarta, Malacca - all messy but a hit with tourists

Bangkok, Jakarta and Malacca are cities which many visitors would describe as messy, but all have their own brand of uniqueness and charm that continues to attract tourists from near and far.

I totally agree with Mr M. Lukshumayeh that being disorganised can be a draw ("Being not so organised has its charms"; Dec 13).

Bangkok has its traffic snarls and policemen blowing their whistles throughout the day.

Hawkers selling trinkets display their wares along the five-foot ways, quite unlike our pristine stalls in Bugis Junction.

Commuters who travel by boat are just like our MRT crowds during the peak hours.

Malacca has its old Portuguese fort and village. The colourful trishaws and music are a favourite among tourists who want to view the city without the usual haste.

The many old museums are what attract foreigners to this historic city.

Jonker Street is crowded with tourists on weekends, and you can find cowboys and cowgirls dancing in the street or an old Chinese clan practising the erhu. You can even buy a catapult, a top and clogs if you wish.

Perhaps we should spruce up our Haw Par Villa and inject some food stalls and buskers. This would rejuvenate this old charm beyond our wildest dreams.

Heng Cho Choon