Ban kick scooters in supermarkets

While I was shopping at FairPrice at Tampines Hub, a child was riding his kick scooter speedily around the supermarket, so much so that it almost hit the elderly shoppers.

It is time for big supermarket operators to ban such hazardous personal mobility devices, with strong enforcement by security guards.

The supermarkets should put up clear notices in four languages that kick scooters are not allowed inside - even if they are folded up and not in use - and, especially, are not to be ridden on the premises.

The management should also have the right to seize the devices and make a report to the police if the children and their parents defy the rules.

Children are tempted to ride around the spacious supermarkets and it seems many parents do nothing to stop them.

Perhaps the supermarkets should clarify what the rules are, and the consequences should someone get injured.

Francis Cheng