What's in a name?

Is the brouhaha over the terms "voluntary" and "welfare" necessary (Drop VWO label, say players in social service field; July 6)?

It does not matter whether an organisation calls itself a voluntary welfare organisation (VWO), a social service organisation or a non-governmental organisation, as we know that they are all charities.

What is paramount is that effective measures are taken to ensure proper governance of these do-good institutions so that altruistic individuals are attracted to work or volunteer their services with them.

Singaporeans are more educated and knowledgeable and they understand that social institutions need financial assistance to run their programmes and provide better services for their clients.

Hence, there is nothing wrong for such institutions to make money. In fact, people do not mind donating or paying money for worthy causes they strongly believe in.

If there is a need to come up with a name change, may I suggest the term "community service organisation", which is more accommodating and appropriate for all players in the social service sector.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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