The authorities need to regulate use of e-scooters

The number of incidents and accidents involving e-scooters has been rising steadily and this is a cause for grave concern, especially because the number of users is only going to continue to grow.

In the latest incident on Thursday morning, a 52-year-old man died when the e-scooter he was on was involved in an accident with an SBS Transit double-decker bus.

Surely it is time the Land Transport Authority (LTA) reviewed regulations on the use of these personal mobility devices.

At the moment, anyone can own and ride an e-scooter.

Today, if a person wants to ride a motorcycle, he would be required to sit for a Highway Code test, just like anyone who would want to drive a car.

No such requirements exist for those on e-scooters and this is worrying as there have been several cases of these riders riding on the roads without a helmet.

Then, there are the groups of youngsters who speed on their e-scooters, and criss-cross from the pavement onto the main roads and back whenever they please, posing a danger to themselves and pedestrians.

The LTA and law enforcement officers need to relook the laws or come down hard on this growing number of e-scooter riders.

Jeff Tan Hong Liak

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