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Sort out priorities if we want more babies

The low population replacement rate has been around for decades ("Family-friendly norms key to boosting birth rate"; Jan 20).

The man in the street would be able to pinpoint the problem.

It is all about priorities.

Do we want to be No. 1 in everything and stay ahead of the competition?

Or do we slow down and embrace a more family-oriented society?

We cannot have it both ways.

Young people in their 20s focus on establishing their careers before thinking about marriage, let alone babies.

Work takes up most of their waking hours and demands almost all their focus and energy. So, who has time to make babies and bring them up in Singapore? The pressure of having a baby outweighs the pleasure.

Something has to change in a big way, or we will never attain that 2.1 replacement rate.

Lawrence Seow

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