Some concerns over new raised crossings

The raised platforms along some major roads have their deficiencies and are not so safe after all ("New PCN crossings make cycling, walking safer"; last Saturday).

The roads leading to the raised platforms must be explicitly demarcated, with signage that clearly states: "Give way to cyclists and pedestrians".

As some people have pointed out, the raised platform is not really a designated crossing for cyclists or pedestrians, unlike, say, zebra crossings.

This creates confusion and could make the road prone to accidents.

Motorists could end up being unsure whether to give way to cyclists or pedestrians at these spots, while pedestrians or cyclists could be left hesitating as to whether to cross while there is traffic around.

Unlike zebra crossings or traffic lights, these raised platforms could be a road hazard once it gets dark.

The authorities may wish to add flickering LED lights, which come on at night, to the borders of the platforms. The platforms must also be reasonably elevated to deter speeding.

Lastly, to discourage cyclists from speeding across the platforms, the authorities may wish to install speed strips along the platforms.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong

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