Roadworks need better coordination

I was surprised to learn that the application fee for roadworks is a flat rate of only $165 (Higher road works charges from July 1 to reduce traffic disruptions; March 31).

With such a low fee, there is little incentive for agencies and corporations to be efficient.

Roadworks have risen significantly in frequency in recent years. Often, we see the same stretch of road excavated by one party, patched up, and then re-excavated within several weeks by another agency for other works.

This apparent lack of coordination results in avoidable wastage of public and corporate resources and time, and leads to inconvenience for road users.

In addition, after the roadworks are completed, the quality of the resurfacing is often poor, with some so bad as to be hazardous to road users.

Perhaps the Land Transport Authority (LTA) should manage the process of roadworks, such that they are done in a coordinated manner by the different agencies and firms.

The LTA should also monitor more closely the resurfacing quality of roads, as well as the quality of road surfaces in Singapore in general, which has deteriorated markedly in recent years.

Singapore motorists pay among the highest road taxes in the world, as well as charges such as certificates of entitlement and relatively high purchase taxes and tariffs. Surely we deserve better-quality surfacing materials and management of our roads.

Allen Tan Han Loong

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on April 03, 2017, with the headline 'Roadworks need better coordination'. Print Edition | Subscribe