Passengers must keep an eye on express bus speeds

It is very common for drivers of express buses to speed ("Driver could have been speeding: Muar police"; Dec 25).

Passengers can do their part to ensure their own safety.

They can use the Global Positioning System (GPS) function on their smartphones to find out the actual speed of the vehicle.

If the driver is speeding, the passenger can tell him to slow down and let him know that the speed of the bus is being monitored.

If the driver persists in speeding, the passenger can take a screenshot of his GPS display showing the speed and location, and submit it to the authorities later.

Passengers must not be afraid to act, as their safety depends on the driver slowing down.

It is time for the road transport authorities to take firm action to enforce safety.

Education will not work; it is impossible to have speed cameras everywhere; and bus firms often turn a blind eye to their drivers' speeding.

Only sealed speed recorders, which are reviewed regularly by the authorities, will work.

These devices are mandatory in many countries. It is time that Singapore implements such a rule too.

David Loh

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