Is the Singaporean mind Eastern or Western? How can we best understand the region we live in?

We are professionally Western but personally Eastern.

Thus, it is easy for Westerners to do business with us but difficult to integrate socially.

Whereas we find doing business in Asia confusing but have no personal problems when we travel.

Jason Yip

I think it cannot be pinned down to either Western or Eastern.

The culture of Singapore is such that there is a unique bifurcation of Western influence and Eastern roots. Therefore, we can easily identify with both sides.

Chiau Ren Yu

The West is not monolithic either culturally or politically. Singapore's success story is deeply rooted in adopting a balance between East and West... and working that balance to its own advantage.

Mark Turner

There is no East nor West. We are what we are: uniquely Singaporean.

Pamela Sim

We need to understand Asia without a Western bias and without a China bias.

Muhammad Bin Abdul Jalil

Will making PMD users buy insurance help to promote responsible use of the devices?

Register them first, with licence plates on the PMDs.

Thia Hwee Jee

To promote responsible use of pavements, all users must buy personal accident insurance.

CT Chew

It will make things even worse. People will probably try to get themselves into accidents and claim whatever they can from the insurance company.

SK Chan

Having a mandatory insurance plan for PMD users to cover third-party liability would be too onerous and costly for the vast majority of users who behave responsibly and safely.

If legislated, the majority who are law-abiding would be subsidising the reckless users.

Sangha Vandana

I'm not sure what the correlation between insurance and responsible usage is. I see reckless motorists all the time - insurance didn't help them become more responsible. And going by the same argument, pedestrians and cyclists should buy insurance to use pathways as well.

Aaron Ong

Good old-fashioned walking is better exercise than using PMDs to zip around.

Janis Tang

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