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How can businesses prepare themselves to survive? Will lowering rents help?

Rental is a big factor, but entrepreneurs face a lot of other infrastructure issues.

A big one is delivery logistics... Our shipping costs have put us at a huge disadvantage compared with other Asian nations, especially China and Japan.

Dare Chia

Maybe we can look into lowering rental for businesses that present a long-term business and marketing plan that's made up of a string of planned short-term successes.

This should help to encourage entrepreneurs to think and plan well, rather than to just dive into whatever seems to be the next trendy idea.

Theo De Roza

Even free rental is useless if you don't have the business acumen or are not prepared to take risks and accept failure. Even with technology, it is regressive if you don't have the support of banks.

Budding entrepreneurs fail because they want to reach their goals and dreams within a short period. You cannot do it without fiscal and monetary discipline.

Sangha Vandana

How can people be encouraged to use the stairs more often? Can stairways be made more conducive for exercising?

Paint the side of each step with interesting verses and art motifs so that people will enjoy the view on the way up.

Wong Hw

There should be handrails on both sides of the staircase (to help climbers).

Lloyd Sam

If the Health Promotion Board wants to promote the use of stairs as a form of exercise, it should discuss with the town council on how to maintain clean handrails and stop smokers from smoking and littering there.

Robert Lim

How can freelancers be better protected under labour laws? Should they be given the same protection and benefits as full-time staff?

Freelancers come and go as they please, as they are not tied down by contracts. By definition, they are not employees.

Contract workers are employed on a definite period of time and they sign contracts to that effect. During that period, they are considered employees. As such they are entitled to benefits such as overtime, medical, and Central Provident Fund contributions, except bonuses and increments.

James Wang

As long as you are on the payroll, whether as a temporary, full-time or part-time worker or freelancer, you should be protected in some way.

Harry Chia Freelancers should be protected against employers who cheat them by not paying fees on time. Many bosses think freelancers are small-time contractors who will not pursue such matters in court, as it is too costly.

Janis Tang

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