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Should it be compulsory for all vehicles to have on-board cameras? What are the pros and cons of having these devices?

Commercial aircraft have a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) to record what has transpired in the cockpit. It is of vital importance in investigations into the cause of air disasters.

Like the CVR, an in-car camera can hold vital evidence during investigations into road accidents and expedite the judicial process and insurance claims.

The probability of dying in an air crash is significantly lower compared to being killed in a road traffic accident. Yet the CVR is mandated by the international aviation authority. All the more, vehicles should be fitted with on-board cameras.

However, there is no practical way to monitor whether the on-board camera is working or if there is a memory card in the camera. Given this constraint, it will not be feasible to mandate that all vehicles be fitted with on-board cameras.

Au Kah Kay

An on-board camera is good to have, especially to facilitate insurance claims. However, if it becomes mandatory, this will mean extra costs to drivers. The authorities have to install it for all car owners, just like our Electronic Road Pricing reader, and it must come with a tamper seal for the SD card. Most importantly, it must be free of charge.

Malcom W. Ong

We can encourage this but not make it a law because such equipment don't always function properly and may break down easily. Drivers should not be fined when this happens.

Roland Seow

Good to have. If the Government sponsors it, it's even better. All vehicles also should have a link to the police special force if we want to track terrorists faster.

But it must have an indicator that shows the Government is using your car's video camera.

Max Tan

Have our mother tongue languages been reduced to just examination subjects? In the light of Asia's resurgence, how can we raise the importance of mastering Asian languages?

It is not enough to have language lessons in school. One has to use it, watch lots of TV/movies in the language. If one is old enough, even get a job... in the language. Best place to learn a language is outside the school.

Raymond Cheung

Mastering Asian languages has nothing to do with mother tongues. If we are serious about leveraging the potential of Asia's growth through language, we should be given the freedom to learn whichever language we see fit, be it Mandarin, Hindi or Vietnamese.

Dare Chia

The standard of Chinese has dropped so much, the damage is already done... In fact, for the language to be of value, fluency is only the entry level. Mastery either at the literary level or technical level is needed. We used to have that... but for those aged 25 and below, English is already the mother tongue...

The decline in Asian language mastery could not have come at a worse time, with the rise of Asia.

Andy Wee

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