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Should bicycles have licence plates? How can we get cyclists and users of personal mobility devices to adhere to the code of conduct to ensure the safe sharing of paths ?

It is high time to change the system by asking all bicycle riders/owners to register their bikes. Also, set rules and fines for breaking the rules, similar to motor vehicles, plus demerit points too.

Teo Kheng Peng

It seems that more of these cyclists are getting out of hand... Either make it legal to have bystanders apprehend the cyclist while waiting for the police or ban bicycles from the pavements.

Rudy RR

What code of conduct? Passing the Highway Code doesn't even guarantee good behaviour on the road. It's idealistic thinking to believe a code of conduct will work... Add that to arrogance and an entitled attitude, and you will have plenty of tension, injuries and, sadly, deaths.

Koichirou Jtan

If someone behaves well just to obtain a licence, and ignores the rules later, it defeats the system. Does it not go down to building good character within people? Without cameras, reminders and enforcement and fines, people can still follow rules, be considerate, not litter, and make better behavioural choices.

Colin Chee

Why do parents throw away their children's textbooks rather than donate them? What can be done to encourage more families to recycle the textbooks?

Schools can place recycle bins in the compound for students to donate before the school holidays, and have them picked up by volunteers for distribution.

Financial Assistance Scheme parents need to be educated to also reuse and recycle their children's textbooks.

Song Jun

Schools can provide textbooks that don't ask you to write the answers in the book but on a separate piece of paper. At the end of the year, you have to give the book back.

Catherina Kessler

Textbooks are often heavy, so parents may not see the point of carrying them to a donation point far away.

Also, they may fear that their children may need the textbook for exams the following year, when past topics are tested for revision.

Jacelyn Chia

The textbooks are revised quite often. My children are three years apart but my younger child can't use the older child's textbooks due to edition change.

Chang Nai Woon

My children's books are worn out and full of scribbling. I'd feel very bad if I donate them, as they are not in "acceptable" condition. I'd rather put them for recycling.

JL Lee

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