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Why are people not volunteering on a regular basis? How can we encourage people to volunteer more and over a sustained period of time?

Many charity organisations are too specific on the tasks for volunteers. That is, they need help in only one area and will not allow others to volunteer in other areas. In some cases, it becomes a situation of control among a group of good friends and not being inclusive, not being open to new volunteers.

Some just say there is no vacancy for volunteers, instead of keeping a record of those interested to help and calling them if needed.

Kaur Pritamkms

The main issue lies with the organiser. Instructions are not clear... Last- minute issues crop up with no proper back-up plans.

Tan Kong Wei

I walk into the premises of Willing Hearts off and on to help cut vegetables. I need not report to anyone. I just join any group that is already in the process of cutting and follow the instructions. No strings attached.

I have offered to help in a charitable organisation before and was turned down, as I did not have the necessary training and experience.

Soo Tommy Leong

If we love people, when it comes to helping them when they need help, even for small things, we will have the time to help. Actually, people who have a love for others will offer their help without someone or others telling them to.

Maria Angelique Lieke

Is making Singaporeans choose whether they wish to donate their organs better than presuming consent?

How many people would step forward to donate their organs if the Government didn't presume consent? With this opt-out policy, if you object to donating your organs, then feel free to opt out. This policy targets mainly people who are indifferent about organ donation.

Gabriel Sim

There should be a third choice - for a person to leave it to his family to donate upon his death, so that the family is not made to turn off life support because of presumed consent. What if patients who are certified brain dead aren't really dead, or the family wants more time before deciding to turn off the life support machine? Would presumed consent put the family under pressure to turn off life support in the bid to harvest the organs?

Sharon Chayil

What is there to retain when you are already dead? It is the chance to do one last good deed.

Vincent Teo

Is there too much noise in polyclinics? What can be done to improve the environment for patients?

I never felt there was too much noise in any polyclinic. People don't go there to make unnecessary noise. The chime is good. It serves as a reminder that things are moving.

Justin Szeto

The problem is there are not enough doctors. That is why a crowd builds up and, thus, the noise. Solve the issue of speed of consultation and the overcrowding and chiming will ease. Nobody wants to stay in the polyclinic to chit-chat.

Nielsen Chia

It's in the choice of building material. It's a choice between maintenance-free material, which means very hard surfaces, and material that requires periodic maintenance that can absorb sound and stray noises bouncing all over in the clinic.

Sally Chua

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