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Would Singaporeans be willing to buy misshapen or less-than-perfect (but equally edible) fruits and vegetables at a lower price?

People don't know that "good-looking" food is laden with pesticides. Naturally grown food does attract worms, but we don't see any more of these.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Just a word of caution, check those packed in cellophane packs. I have found on a few occasions that at least one of a packet of three to five pieces of fruit look good externally but are rotten internally. Buy what you need and think of the hungry.

Catherine Soh

I do buy if they are not so blemished, and use them for my baking rather than eat them raw, for example, bananas, apples, carrots.

Rahimah Jasmin

Foods near their expiry should be bundled for, say, $10. Then retailers can clear expiring items in a flash rather than let them decay in the bin.

Zulkifli Mamat

What measures can be implemented to prevent students from outsourcing their essays?

You will probably have fewer issues if you:

1. Write papers in stages and give grades for each stage, so that last-minute cut-and-paste drafts can't possibly earn a good grade.

2. Require references or documentation of some sort.

3. Do some in-class-only assignments for a grade, to balance out grades inflated by any likely plagiarism.

Sangha Vandana

Make it a requirement for students to write their brainstorming process down, including the outline and development plots.

Kuyashii Qoo

Essay writing should be partially done in class on the computer with a flow chart or concept map spelling out the main outline of the essay. The draft can be stored and completed by the next lesson. You might need two class sessions for this. From the work done in class, alert teachers would be able to gauge if it is done by the students themselves.

Catherine Soh

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