Not practical to have metal detector gates at MRT stations

From a security point of view, the proposal to install metal detector gates at MRT stations appears to make a lot of sense ("Install metal detector gates at MRT stations" by Mr Seow Joo Heng; Monday).

However, the implementation of such a measure will cause too much disruption and inconvenience to commuters for it to be practical.

Such a drastic measure also smacks of a siege mentality, and the quality of life here will be unnecessarily affected.

If it is passed, people will ask for similar measures at shopping complexes, restaurants and other public places, and there will be no end to the issue.

Do we relish the prospect of a nation that chooses to live in constant anxiety and fear?

As a small country, we should spend more effort in beefing up our security at the airport, borders and checkpoints to ensure that no harmful elements cross our borders.

Internally, we should boost our intelligence to ensure that those with ill intentions are stopped before they can cause any harm.

Thus far, I think our Home Team has been doing a wonderful job in ensuring our safety and security.

Seah Yam Meng

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