No threat to privacy, personal freedom with smart lamp posts

Mr Raphael Teo Zhi Ren is not the only one to voice concern about intrusiveness, personal freedom, privacy infringements and potential exploitation with regard to smart lamp posts (Concern over personal freedom, privacy with smart lamp posts; April 12).

I am baffled by these fears.

The moment one steps out onto the streets, one should be prepared to be seen in public.

Unless one harbours intentions to do something unlawful, why would one worry about one's privacy? Furthermore, what loss of personal freedom are we referring to? As far as I am aware, the Government has never dictated what we can do or where we can go, unless it involves shady activities.

Criminals these days are more high-tech. Our authorities have to be ahead of the bad guys. Even so, Singapore's safety and security are never guaranteed.

We should all do our part in helping the authorities keep our country and our loved ones safe, instead of harping about privacy and personal freedom, which have never been under any threat.

Tan Pin Ho

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