More needs to be done to educate people to stay home when ill

The issue of irresponsible people not staying home when ill has been highlighted in different forums ("Feeling sick? Be responsible and stay at home" by Mr Donny Ho Boon Tiong; Jan 2).

However, there has been little change in the attitude of many.

There has also been insufficient proactive action by the authorities to inform and educate the public of the consequences of spreading germs as well as to promote the use of preventive items like masks.

I suggest that the authorities run a nationwide campaign on the theme of: "Be safe from germs - help yourself by helping us."

Free masks could be offered to those who are unwell in public places like buses, cinemas and trains.

Good role models could be identified and put in a "hall of fame" in the media.

Surely our country, which is recognised worldwide as an efficient and clean place, can do more to inculcate a germ-free culture.

We should not wait for another severe flu epidemic before we realise the need to get down to serious action.

Adrian Ho Kok Wai

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