Many benefits to childcare centres at workplaces

Islander Pre-school, which opened in Jan 2016 to cater to people working on Sentosa Island.
Islander Pre-school, which opened in Jan 2016 to cater to people working on Sentosa Island. ST PHOTO: ALICIA CHAN

I applaud the move to set up childcare centres at workplaces ("More childcare centres set up at workplaces"; Monday).

This makes sense, without a doubt.

Parents would be able to check on their children during the day, allowing them to know what is going on with their children at all times.

Breastfeeding mothers will be able to nurse their babies when they need to be fed.

New mothers will also be able to return to work earlier, comfortable in the knowledge that their babies are close by and that they can spend quality time with them during their breaks.

If the child is crabby or injured, the parent will be right there to help.

There will also be fewer children abused or neglected, since most workplaces will have security cameras to keep an eye out to see if anything bad is happening to the children.

Offering on-site childcare shows employees that they are valuable to the company. When companies support their employees' family life, they will be more likely to gain their employees' loyalty and support.

Quality on-site childcare also means parents do not need to choose between their career and their family.

It meets parents' personal needs and allows them to work with less separation anxiety. This would increase productivity.

The Government should consider tax incentives to encourage more companies to provide childcare for their employees or sponsor a quality daycare centre nearby.

The decision to offer childcare at the workplace must be re-evaluated often to ensure everyone's needs are being met.

Francis Cheng

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