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Many benefits in subletting HDB flats

I disagree with Mr Lee Yong Se ("Disallow subletting of HDB flats"; last Sunday).

Having a stream of rental income is very different from a one-off "lottery effect" of high capital gains from selling Housing Board flats in prime locations.

Subletting, in fact, increases the functional use of spare rooms or flats which might otherwise be left vacant.

With more renters, the estate would be more lively, especially in areas where grown-up children have moved out to newer estates.

Retirees could supplement their daily expenses and age in place, without having to downgrade to a smaller flat in an unfamiliar location.

Subletting HDB flats gives residents, as well as foreigners, a taste of life in a public housing environment.

As public housing here is deemed one of the best in the world, it is surely a plus if flats are allowed to be let out to foreigners.

It is a powerful showcase of the country's achievement in uplifting the lives of the lower- and middle-income segments of the population.

Gan Kok Tiong

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