Make NDP more accessible

I agree with Mr Crosby Ong Hock Chye's suggestion of giving more chances to people who have never been lucky enough to win tickets to the National Day Parade ("Help more people watch NDP live"; yesterday).

Perhaps the organisers of the parade could also erect large TV screens near the NDP venue so members of the public without tickets can still partake in the celebrations.

This is especially necessary because live streaming is often frustrating.

In one year, when my family and I stood outside the ArtScience Museum, we were thrilled to be able to witness various items of the parade, such as the Red Lions parachuting down, the national flag fly-past, the water performances and fireworks.

However, we could not hear the songs being sung - including the National Anthem - so we could not sing along.

I hope the NDP organisers will take my ideas into consideration for SG50 and beyond.

Sherley Servos (Mrs)

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