Make it easier to report spam messages

The Personal Data Protection Commission has advised the public to file a police report when they receive an SMS or call related to loans, financial assistance or online gambling from an unknown source ("80% of complaints about spam involve online gambling, loans"; Dec 28).

I have received more than 20 such spam messages this year.

When I tried to report a spam message through the police website, I found that I had to provide a lot of information.

This takes a considerable amount of time when one has so many spam messages to report.

This is why many people choose not to report and suffer in silence.

I suggest that the police set up a mobile phone number so the public can forward the spam message to them.

Alternatively, have an e-mail address to which the public can send them a screenshot of the spam message.

This is more effective and efficient, and will encourage more people to come forward and report incidents.

William Tan

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