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Important for hotels to conduct fire drills and security checks

We can draw invaluable lessons from the report on the Taleban attack on Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel ('Don't leave any of them alive... Shoot and kill them all'; Jan 22).

During the incident, hotel guests and employees faced the possibility of being killed by gunmen or fire.

I wonder whether hotel staff in Singapore are equipped with the knowledge and experience to deal with such a situation.

I believe most of the high-profile hotels here have security and fire-safety training programmes, but all these will come to nought if they are not put into practice.

Fire drills and the application of the three key actions - run, hide, tell - should be conducted periodically.

The ability of the Kabul attackers to get past the hotel security also serves as an eye-opener for us.

Sometimes, hotel guests and visitors are exasperated at being subjected to checks by security staff, as they consider these measures a waste of time.

This attitude can pose a hazard to public safety, with serious consequences.

A little inconvenience caused by security checks is not too much if we know that such measures can save lives and property.

Being safe and secure at all times is everybody's business.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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