How many times do I have to share cost of leak caused by owner above?

I have a dilemma similar to the water leakage issues reported (Water leakage a big issue among homes; May 11).

I am sure many readers face this problem and it would be good if the authorities could clarify this.

The Housing Board has determined that the leak in my toilet ceiling is caused by the deterioration of waterproofing at my "upper-floor neighbour's kitchen toilet flooring".

The unit above had been renovated by the current owner a few years ago.

Under the Lease Agreement, owners of upper and lower floor units have to arrange for the repair work and split the cost.

But as contractors typically offer only a one-year warranty for the repair work, does this mean that the owner of the lower-floor unit will have to pay again for future leaks in the same area?

The renovation work done by my neighbour upstairs could have compromised the concrete slabs, or continuous leaking from a drainage pipe could affect the waterproofing repairs.

There has to be a limit on the number of times owners of lower-floor units have to share the cost of repairs for damage caused by others.

Low Hock Leong

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