Have more free study areas that open till late

As a polytechnic student, I feel that cafe "seat-hoggers" are generally misunderstood (Curb seat-hogging at cafes by Dr Michael Loh Toon Seng; Forum Online, June 26).

I went to the Ang Mo Kio library to revise for the O levels. I had to queue for an hour before the library even opened so I could secure a desk.

But studying in libraries for long hours is nearly impossible because no food is allowed inside.

If we leave for a meal, we will find almost no desks available when we return, as they are filled up by other students. I skipped lunch for a week while I was studying in the library.

I do not study at home because the overly comfortable environment makes me procrastinate.

Studying in school classrooms is not practical because they are locked up after school. Many community centres have fixed days and hours to use their study rooms.

Students are even less willing to use commercial facilities such as Desk Next Door or The Study Area to study, as they have to pay a fee to do so.

This shortage of cheap and convenient study areas makes cafes an ideal location for students.

Perhaps opening classrooms at night or extending the opening hours of community centres will reduce seat-hogging in cafes.

Claire Eng Jia Hui (Ms)

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