Voices Of Youth

Have more chances for interaction

I was touched to read about the Singapore Youth Festival 2017 Festival Concert, which featured special education (Sped) and mainstream students performing together (A special rhythm of the heart; July 3).

My interaction with Sped students has taught me a lot in terms of appreciation, empathy and understanding.

More importantly, it made me realise that there are many things that I had assumed about these students which are untrue.

People tend to develop stereotypes about others when there is a lack of understanding.

Bonding with people from all walks of life through shared passions, interests and experiences such as the Festival Concert would allow us to learn more about one another and form a deeper level of understanding.

It is an important step to breaking stereotypes.

An inclusive society brings Singaporeans from all walks of life together, forging a stronger national identity, which is crucial to staying united in the midst of crisis.

We can start by organising more activities, like the Festival Concert, that provide a common platform for more interaction between people of different communities.

Lim Si Ting, 15, Secondary 4 student

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