Harness new tech to cut water consumption in homes

The water crisis is the No. 1 global risk based on impact to society, says the World Economic Forum ("Preparing for drought"; Oct 18).

The apathy towards the need for water conservation has caused Singapore to have one of the highest per capita water consumption rates in the world.

We should tap membrane technology further to support water recycling and conservation in Singapore.

Sweden is one of the European countries that have advanced water technology, and we can learn from it how membrane technology can be integrated in household appliances.

An example is the OrbSys Shower. By using nanofiltration and ultrafiltration, this closed-loop system recycles drained water from showering by creating an almost instantaneous purification of water.

This system reportedly saves up to 95 per cent of water (from approximately 150 litres to five litres for a 10-minute shower).

Its use can be expanded to areas such as public showers, water coolers and kitchen taps.

Tian Fu Kai

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