Flats near busy roads need double-glazed windows

I could not agree more with Mr Mahinder Singh (Study effects of pollution on residents living near highway; March 4).

While I do not live next to an expressway, my home is located beside an extremely busy road, and my family has been plagued by excessive noise.

Members of my household have had their sleep interrupted on many occasions.

I have written to the HDB suggesting that double-glazed windows may be the most effective solution for homeowners like me.

They may be expensive, but considering the health hazards of living near busy roads, it is paramount that it be a standard feature in all such flats or be included as part of an upgrading package.

The HDB replied that the blocks meet all the Urban Redevelopment Authority's (URA) specifications.

It seems that the National Environment Agency and the URA will have to take the lead and play a more active role in safeguarding our health.

Dennis Chew

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