Fill gaps in knowledge of sea turtles

It is heartening to note that Singapore is opening a sea turtle hatchery on Small Sisters' Island to help develop the eggs of these reptiles in a safe environment ("Move to save Singapore's endangered sea turtles"; Nov 14).

Though great strides have been made, there are still many gaps in our knowledge about these creatures.

For example, where are the nesting sea turtles coming from?

What is the nesting range of the sea turtles nesting on our shores?

Where are the high-density nesting beaches? Which beaches can we protect?

These are questions the Marine Turtle Working Group - which includes staff from the National Parks Board, academics from institutions such as the National University of Singapore, and interest groups - should attempt to answer.

I am currently studying sea turtles in Australia and I am excited about the future of Singapore's sea turtles.

Rushan Abdul Rahman

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