Father was given apt punishment for his bullying

Mr Benedict Lim has misinterpreted a case of bullying as a case of misguided fatherly love (Harsh punishment for a misguided dad; July 24).

The man took the law into his own hands.

Instead of reporting to the school authorities after his daughter claimed to be bullied by a classmate, and letting them deal with it,he slapped the boy who is only nine years old and much weaker than him.

If appropriate punishment was not given, it would only encourage those who are physically stronger to bully the weaker ones in society, be they children, women or the elderly.

Also, teachers are not bouncers. They have more important duties to carry out than to spend their time being trained to handle parents who are bullies.

The outcome of this case sends a strong signal to like-minded people.

Yeo Boon Eng (Ms)

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