Ensure public buses are not wasting energy

I read with interest that the Government is funding the "basic science" in the area of clean energy and other related technological innovations (Govt R&D in energy: Money well spent?; Aug 16).

However, I wonder how much we are doing as a nation to conserve energy.

Recently, my son and I boarded bus service 970 in Upper Bukit Timah Road at around 2pm and were horrified to find it extremely cold on board. It could not have been more than 20 deg C.

With fewer than 20 passengers on board, it seems too luxurious to have the air-conditioner set at this temperature.

We have thousands of buses plying the streets - what are bus companies doing to ensure energy is not wasted on unnecessary air-conditioning and lighting? Do they take the number of passengers on board into account when deciding on these?

The National Environment Agency and Energy Market Authority may wish to "audit" or monitor the energy consumption of public buses.

We must conserve energy as much as we can, and not think of just using energy - whether clean or not.

Lock Chee Wee

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