Enhanced organisational capacity helps charities make greater impact

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) thanks Mr Kwan Jin Yao for his letter (Charities must address long-term structural issues; Oct 24).

We support his suggestion to "convince funders to channel some funds to organisational capacity-building too, and not just to programmes and services".

Giving is done in many forms to support the work carried out by both big and small charities.

It is in the DNA of every charity to engage volunteers, from board members to individuals or corporate volunteers who organise and run programmes for its beneficiaries.

Without volunteers, many charities will grind to a halt.

Most, if not all, charities use their funds to support their beneficiaries; if some funds are provided to charities to enhance organisational capabilities and make sure that the time given by the volunteers creates a greater impact on the beneficiaries, it will go a long way to improve the charities' work.

Charities including the NKF really appreciate the skill-based volunteers who provide services which the charities are otherwise unable to afford or even dream of.

Equally important are the volunteers who are the "hands and legs" that help run events, support beneficiaries or raise funds. These volunteers are greatly appreciated.

On the part of charities, we need to organise ourselves better, ensure resources for operations are effectively and efficiently managed and optimise the contributions made by all volunteers, as their time is always invaluable.

Tim Oei

Chief Executive Officer

The National Kidney Foundation

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