Enforce law against bicycles that are parked illegally

There are bicycle stands around, but rather than use them, many cyclists prefer to take the easy way out and chain their bicycles to the most convenient place that is nearest to their destination instead.

These places include bus stop railings, MRT station railings, lamp posts, signposts and even trees.

This is an eyesore and impedes commuters who are trying to make their way through the area during peak hours.

Chaining bicycles to trees also could cause permanent damage to the tree over the long term.

Contact with the bicycle frame, lock and chain could destroy the bark of the tree, making it vulnerable to fungus, insects or diseases.

It is an offence under the Parks and Trees Act to secure bicycles to any plant, tree or structure that is not constructed for that purpose.

However, this law is not enforced, perhaps because it is difficult to track the owners of the bicycles.

The authorities should act decisively against these bicycle owners.

Francis Cheng

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