Dual-flush toilets are well tested

We thank Mr Francis Cheng for his feedback (Dual-flush toilets may not be suitable for the elderly; June 12).

Today, water usage stands at 148 litres per person a day. Our target is to reduce this to 140 litres by 2030.

The dual-flush low-capacity water closets (LCWCs) are very effective in bringing down household water consumption.

A survey showed that households that switched to this WC saw a 10 per cent saving in their water bill.

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For the WC replacement project that PUB is rolling out, eligible households can replace their nine-litre WC with a dual-flush LCWC that uses three litres or four litres, where every flush would save them five litres of water.

We assure Mr Cheng that the dual-flush LCWCs are rigorously tested for everything from durability to design.

The public can visit www.pub.gov.sg for more information or call the 24-hour call centre on 1800-2255-782 for feedback.

Michael Toh

Director Water Supply Network


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