Different punishment would have been more effective

I am a mother of two children and a former teacher, and I fully agree with Mr Benedict Lim that while the slap cannot be condoned, the father slapping his daughter's classmate was a case of misguided love of a parent wanting to protect his child (Harsh punishment for a misguided dad; July 24).

A fine of $3,500 would have been harsh enough for the family. A jail sentence was a really hard blow.

This would definitely affect the daughter psychologically. Her family members might blame her for it, as well as for the financial difficulties caused by the loss of the father's income. It might be worse if he has difficulty finding work after his release from jail.

I agree that a smaller fine, coupled with community service and counselling would have been more effective. It would also have been less psychologically scarring for the girl.

The school should review the incident and adopt actions to prevent a recurrence.

Meanwhile, the classmate should also be counselled so that he understands the situation.

Alice Tan (Mrs)

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