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Counselling, 'rage room' can help in stress management

The topic of stress management is a timely one ("Various ways to manage stress, anger" by Mr Raymond Anthony Fernando; Dec 25, 2016).

Besides health programmes such as meditation and breathing techniques, companies can also introduce ways to help frustrated employees blow off steam.

A good example would be the "rage room", where people can vent their anger by smashing inanimate objects with the help of tools such as a baseball bat.

Popularised not long ago, such recreational destruction was more common in the West, and this concept may be new to many Singaporeans.

While meditation may help workers to calm down quickly, it is more about suppressing their anger, and the frustration is likely to remain.

A rage room, on the other hand, allows an instant release of negative emotions.

Another way to manage stress is to promote counselling in schools.

Many people seem to shy away from seeing counsellors because of the perceived stigma when it comes to discussions of personal problems.

Seeking counselling can be seen as a public admission of a mental disorder.

Singapore should lead in removing this social stigma.

The young should be taught the importance of seeking professional guidance when they encounter personal issues that they are unable to resolve.

The professionalism of counsellors should also be highlighted, which will assure clients that their private information will not be released to a third party.

Qu Aohan (Ms)

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