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Clear benefits to smaller class sizes

I agree that smaller class sizes may help level the playing field and enhance equality of opportunity for students (Reducing class sizes can benefit students: Leon Perera; Nov 8).

In my primary school days, I was in a class of 40.

The voices of the noisier ones tended to drown out those of the quieter ones.

The teachers were also so busy controlling the noisy ones that they were not able to attend to the quiet ones.

It was better in secondary school, with a class of 28. But many students still went unnoticed by the teachers, resulting in many of them slowly losing interest in the subject.

Things were different in my enrichment centre class of 12.

Everyone had a chance to speak and voice his opinion, thus developing his interest. The teacher could pay attention to all students, even the quieter and weaker ones.

I agree that there are many difficulties in reducing class sizes, due to resource constraints.

However, I urge the Ministry of Education to strongly consider it, as the benefits are apparent.

Sean Tan Liyu, 14

Secondary 2 student

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