Change working hours of security officers

Most security firms here adopt two rotating 12-hour work shifts (day and night).

Officers work six days and get one day off.

Many Singaporeans are not keen on such long working hours with so little rest.

Hence, security and auxiliary police jobs are perceived to be one of the least appealing ("Not enough qualified Singaporeans, Malaysians for auxiliary police forces"; Dec 29, 2016).

However, some firms have adopted three rotating eight-hour shifts (morning, afternoon and night), with shift allowances.

Their officers work five days and get two days off instead.

This approach enables the officers to have adequate rest. Those who have to work on one of their days off are given overtime pay as an incentive.

With terrorist threats looming worldwide, the authorities here need to acknowledge the importance and demand for security and auxiliary police officers.

They should look into revamping the current work shift structure, basic gross salary and other welfare benefits in order to draw more locals to join the industry in the long run.

Marcus Tan Tuan Hin

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