Build proper rest facilities near worksites

It is sad to read about the accident where two workers - who were said to have been napping on the ground - died after they were run over by a reversing tipper truck at a Mandai construction site ("Truck runs over 2 workers at worksite"; yesterday).

During a construction project, many workers do not have a place to rest. Thus, we see many of them resting at places such as void decks and malls, incurring the displeasure of residents and landlords.

While some may argue that employers and contractors have to ensure that rest areas for workers are provided, there is only so much employers can do, given space constraints and high costs.

Perhaps the authorities could allow contractors to temporarily occupy a piece of state land in the vicinity of a construction project, so that rest facilities can be built for workers.

The cost of leasing out these temporary premises should be kept minimal, to help contractors defray the cost of building the rest facilities.

Audits can be conducted to ensure that such premises are not misused for business purposes.

With this assistance, we can ensure that workers can get proper rest during their breaks and reduce the possibility of accidents.

Chua Tiong Guan

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