BTO flats: Maintain age limit for singles

I disagree with Mr Sum Kam Weng's proposal on lowering the age limit of singles buying new HDB flats ("BTO flats: Lower age limit for singles"; Nov 26).

The median age of first-time marriages is steadily climbing, being 30.3 for grooms and 28.2 for brides last year ("2015 marital break-ups 3rd highest on record"; July 14), and with better technology, the speed of the construction of flats is also improving.

Given that our total fertility rate is much lower than the replacement rate, the Housing Board should uphold the principle of the family unit as a basic institution when it comes to application criteria for new HDB flats.

We should not lower the age limit of 35 for singles to be eligible for new HDB flats.

Gan Kok Tiong

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