Bouquets: Islander a big help to visitors

Islander a big help to visitors

Mr Mohamed Sulih, one of the residents of St John's Island, has certainly been very helpful to many visitors to the island ("Last islanders on St John's to leave by new year"; Dec 13).

I was born on St John's Island, and I know that Mr Sulih has taken care of those who were injured or stranded because they missed the last ferry.

Once, he helped a visitor retrieve his boat, which had drifted away.

On another occasion, he apprehended an illegal migrant who had jumped off a ship and landed in St John's hoping to enter Singapore by taking the ferry.

Mr Sulih is not just a resident, but also a helpful citizen.

I hope the Sentosa Development Corporation or Singapore Land Authority will consider letting Mr Sulih and his wife remain on the island.

Choo Buck Kwang

Rings retrieved, thanks to mall staff

On Tuesday, at about 3.50pm, my wife Angela left her rings in the toilet at Marina Square after removing them to wash her hands. She remembered her rings 15 minutes later and went back to look for them, but they were not there.

We headed for the information counter and a woman there contacted another person, who I presume is a supervisor of the cleaning service.

He then called the toilet's cleaner, who said she had found the rings.

All three staff members did not wish to reveal their names. However, my wife and I extend our heartfelt thanks to them for their help, honesty and integrity.

Cheng Jun Liang

Surprises on bus journey

On Sunday, at around 9.15am, I boarded SBS Transit service 51 along West Coast Road and was greeted by a cheerful "good morning" from the driver, Mr Chang.

Throughout the journey, he greeted everyone boarding and thanked everyone alighting.

To my surprise, passengers reciprocated with hellos and goodbyes.

I had not taken public transport for 27 years. It was certainly a very different atmosphere on this bus.

Ng Lee Kwang

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