Bicycle-parking initiative the way to go

The Land Transport Authority's (LTA) initiative to provide some 750 extra spaces for both bicycle owners and those who use rented bicycles is to be lauded, as it encourages Singaporeans to opt for a greener mode of transport (More spaces for bicycles near MRT stations; March 29).

By creating more spaces for bicycle parking near MRT stations, more people will be incentivised to cycle to these stations when travelling, instead of taking the bus or car.

This will correspondingly reduce the demand for cars and taxis, which contribute 35 per cent and 17 per cent of land transport carbon emissions respectively.

However, for this initiative and its indirect incentive to cycle to be sustainable, more needs to be done and I would like to make several suggestions:

• LTA should strategically install more bicycle racks near offices, especially in the Central Business District, and schools to further encourage working adults and students to cycle to their destinations.

• LTA should also partner companies to provide shower facilities and lockers at workplaces so that those who cycle to work can have a quick shower before starting work. However, I acknowledge that some companies may be unwilling to do so as the benefits of cycling may not outweigh the cost of building such facilities.

• LTA should further explore how to collaborate with bicycle rental firms to promote cycling in Singapore, and to ensure through regulation that rented bicycles are accounted for and used responsibly.

Clarice Seng En-Min (Ms)

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